rergam rodriguez

New Hampshire autumn

The birches and other species create a color wheel in NH.


Eating the heart of a man.


la tendresse

That's enough!!!

Without doubts, men are at their mercy.

Black is beautiful

Sepia does justice to this model.

our shared mission

champagne +



sunset light

Goosepumps II

two light set up


Sunshine plus bouncer

Venus sculpture

in front of dark cave plus bouncer

See through

front flash and back tungsten

Trop belle!

esterio, sun light plus profoto flash

Cozy space

front light


two lights one reflector


single flash octogon


flash low intensity one reflector

Femininity II

lateral flash plus reflectors black and white


Two tungsten one reflector

Ready for business!

Sunlight plus reflector

Over Paris 25-4-13 midnight

hand held iso 100. Only exposure and sharpness adjusted. Note: date below wrong. My camera had the incorrect date. correct date is minutes after midnight April 25, 2013

One single puff !!!

Lateral fresnel and 45 tungsten

Overpowering force

skin by shades

Natural 2

in pond in mendocino California

Angels exist

farm in california

Vineyard godess

Wine and beauty

Pure muscle

Black skin under one tungsten light

Goose pumps

Cold, touch or even a pleasant thought bring them out.

My bowl!

100% unretouched!

Mohawk cut.

human profile that evokes tranquility

A woman landscpape

Black skin renders beautiful landscape.

Lady in waiting

a wait least, I guess only celebs.

Breast cancer can be beat!

Prevention will save 1 out of 8 women.


only lighting retouched.... and of course I needed a lather and a flexible model!

I have the blues.

dreamy subject

Look at me... please.

Noir sur noir...magnigique!

As natural as it comes...

Taken in a californi farm pond

Open the door..I can't wait!

taken in a california farm


Two powerful sources of beauty and perfection.

Coffee Bowl Plus

Never a coffee ball has had such sweet sugar!


Rhapsody in blue.

The profile says more than reality.

Muscles to beauty

unretouched body

In the prerie

Natural light + bouncer